Los Angeles improviser: Vlad Perez

Vlad Perez

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, he is currently in UCB advanced studies and also trains at iO West & the Groundlings. After founding Sea Tea Improv in Hartford CT and studying at UCBNY, he moved out west to chase the dream. He is a member of the iO West featured sketch team TURTLENECK, Streisand & Friends, which had a six month run at iO West’s sketch cage match and Spank show, and Perez, Haynes & Sons that frequents iO’s Go Sketch Yourself! and Not Too Shabby at UCB. On the indie improv scene he performs with The East Coast Avengers, Capture the Flag and Below the Law that had a month run at the iO Student cage match. He was in The Lonely Island produced pilot “The Tyler Zone” opposite Danny Pudi and a few other things that aren’t really as cool as that.

Vlad has performed in DCM, the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, the Baltimore Improv festival, the Providence Improv festival, the Portland (Maine) Improv Festival, the LA Indie Improv Festival, and won the CT Improv Cage Match 2012 & 2013.

Of all his performances, he is most proud of winning three UCBeast Indie Cage Matches in a row and taking the UCB Chelsea stage in Cage Match with the team he came up with, Sea Tea Improv.