Los Angeles improviser: Steve Mims

Steve Mims

Hi, my name is Steve, and I'm going to tell a little something about me.

I was born the son of farmer. His name was William (Bill) Cosby-Mims. And some say he was the greatest farmer of all time. What did he grow you ask? It's funny you should ask. For you see, my father was a comedy farmer. And from that comedy he grew, he made laughter. That's right. My father made laughter. My father could make people laugh any where, any time he wanted. People were drawn to him because how well he could make them laugh, and he was paid handsomely for his laughter. So one day, when I was old enough, my father taught me how to be a comedy farmer. It didn't take me long to master it and start making people with laugh my comedy. I was a natural. After years of comedy mastery, I set forth to the sad and lonely place know as the Antelope Valley to spread my comedy seed all over the faces of those in need of a laugh.