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7:30 PM - JETZO HOUR: FORGOTTEN SONG! – An improv set inspired by a song performed live ! Featuring Carol's Poolhouse! - Chloë Jacobs, Brandon Klaus, Corey Clifford, Elizabeth Bemis Courtney Clark, Michael Lucid and Sara Lindsey OPEN OF DOOM! -- A team performs a set inspired by a mystery open, performed live on stage. This week's victim's DAD PLANET! - Andrea Chrunyk, Dan Erickson Alex Firer, Mitch Graser, Stephanie Lysaght, Andrew Misialek, Charlie O'Hara and Evan Petruzzi YURI'S HUMAN CAT CIRCUS - This set has now become the stuff of legend. Russian Cat Circus trainer Yuri whips a a team into shape with his unique form of instruction! Featuring Eggs Con Huevo! - Daniel Cohen, Minhdzuy Khorami, Myles Kirchner, Greg Smith, Genetra Tull, and Wendy Zehder The Japanese father-son comedy team of JETZO! With special musical cousin!

When:Sun Nov 9 2014 at 7:30pmAdd to my calendar

Where:The Club House1107 N El Centro Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038

How much:Free

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