Los Angeles improv show: Long Form Tuesdays

Long Form Tuesdaysimprov show

BANANAS!!!!!! 8pm: THE RUN 1) BREEZE performs their own unique brand of epic narrative improv! Watch these long time friends and teammates read each others minds. Cast: Asif Ali, Patrick Dailey, David Danipour, Joe Kardon, Victor Lopez and Hunter Steibel 2) ENGLISH SPEAKING MOOSE performs The Thrasher! This form based on Chaos Theory is a Forms Workshop exclusive. Fast and furious and anything goes! Cast: Skander Halim, Elisabeth Hower, Stephen Ji, Ariana Lenarsky, Markeia McCarty, Jonathan Sacramone and Keith Saltojanes 9pm: DECON & A MOVIE 1) HMS DEATH performs The Deconstruction! The first team formed out of Brian's Forms Workshop, this powerhouse performs the most important form ever invented. You can't see this performed anywhere else in town. Cast: Paul Detrick, Chris Fontakis, Mike Garcia, Colin Hughes, Josh Mattingly, Nate Ramsey and Chris Thompson 2) LONG SHOT performs The Improvised Movie! Have your mind expanded as these gents create/write/direct/edit/score a brand new original movie every week. From German Expressionism to Spaghetti Westerns, these guys perform it all. Cast: Joe Bolter, Brian Burton, Chris Rock, Justin Terry and Matt Whitlock 10pm: MAYHEM! The night ends with the Workshop Core teachers joining together like Voltron and becoming greater than the sum of their parts. Cast: Miles Stroth (The Magic) Brian James O'Connell (The Math) Emily Candini (The Melee) Prepare for MAYHEM. ALL SHOWS ARE FREE!

When:Tue Apr 9 2013 at 8:00pmAdd to my calendar

Where:The Little Modern6474 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA, 90038

How much:Free

Facebook event:https://www.facebook.com/events/413969158671585/?fref=ts