Los Angeles improviser: Natalie Rose Curfman

Natalie Rose Curfman

In the wake of the great gangsters who ruled New York, Natalie Rose had her work cut out for her. Born in Brooklyn in 1940, she was always quick with her fists and it was her life's dream to become a wiseguy. By the age of 16, she had joined a local street gang known as the Fulton-Rockaway Boys. She quickly became their leader, stealing cars and fencing stolen goods. In the '60s, she began associating with Mafia hoods and hijacking trucks. In the early '70s, she became a capo for the Bergin crew, a part of the Gambino family. Extremely ambitious, Nat-Ro started to deal drugs, which was forbidden by family rules.
Eventually, Nat-Ro grew tired of the gangster life and retired, but not before reeking havoc on the west coast with her two improv teams Shy Kid and All Your Friends. They'll give you something to talk about.