Los Angeles improviser: Matt  Longwell

Matt Longwell

Matt Longwell is a UCB-trained improviser, actor and writer who lives near Mount Washington all the way out in Northeast L.A., and doesn't own a car because he likes to have time to pretend he's reading for two hours before he gets anywhere. Many people have seen Matt reading on the subway or bus. The list of books he appears to have read is quite extensive, ranging from Infinite Jest to Goethe's Faust. But Matt is far from pretentious, because when engaged in the discussion of such works, Matt will often get real quiet or quickly change the subject, expressing a desire to "not bore you with the details." On numerous occasions, Matt has appeared to be so engrossed in a book he actually slumped over, poking his nose into the crease between pages, opening his mouth slightly and emitting a guttural noise that could only be described as the pure audible expression of interesting information being absorbed at an astounding and impressive rate. During such moments, Matt's eyes will appear to be closed from the sheer joy of reading. He has often missed his stop this way.