Los Angeles improviser: Jesse Esparza

Jesse Esparza

Jesse is an improviser from Sacramento, California.

He has been studying at UCB since 2009 with Alex Fernie, Brett Christenson, Julie Brister, Joe Wengert, Billy Merritt, Ben Siemon, Drew Difonzo Marks, Jackie Clarke, Alex Berg, Jill Donnelly, Jessica Allen, James Eason, Chad Carter and Anthony King.

His UCB credits include Sketch Cram LA, The 3 on 3 Tournament, Cagematch, Not Too Shabby, Let's Do This, and upcoming Spank show: "The Adventures of Huckleberry Shin". Other shows include: IO West Cagematch, Second City Thunderdome, The March Madness Tournament, The Indie Improv Tournament, Crashbar, Room 101, TNT, and Mach Improv. His team Search for the Cure was TNT's November residency team. His team Breakcheck won the Improv Space 3 man Tournament.

His groups include:
Search for the Cure, Mindsweats, Breck-a-lucha, Break Check, Stripes, Restaurant Water, Da Day Day, Farts Inc., Mr. Bananas, The Slipknot Killer, VORP, Bitchy Women, and Benetton.

Jesse loves everything.