Los Angeles improviser: Erik Finck

Erik Finck

Erik is a Los Angeles based improviser and maker/writer of funny things. For five years he rehearsed and performed with teams taught by former Groundlings teacher, Emmy Award-winning writer, and all-around awesome comedy guru Bill Steinkellner in Santa Barbara and around Southern CA. He currently interns at UCBTLA, and performs around town with beloved indie group Cryclops. He has studied improv under Bill Steinkellner, Bob Dassie, Julie Brister, Billy Merritt, Alex Fernie, Jill Donnelly, Hal Rudnick, Todd Fasen, and Susannah Becket.

He is also a puppet maker and puppeteer, having performed nationally and international in venues such as Lincoln Center, Prithivi Theater (Mumbai), and the Bangkok Cultural Center. He has done puppets for Panasonic commercials, music videos, and the Fox distributed film "Chronicle".