Los Angeles improviser: Daniel David Stewart

Daniel David Stewart

Daniel Stewart is the Lord of Caldoria, The King of Naples, and the prince of Denmark (after that one asshole went crazy and died). He is also a court Jester who has an extensive backround in the theatrical arts, and may appear on Ye Ol' Boob Tube every once and a while. He also loves to sing and dance (preferably with a Lute) to his hearts content, all along the borderline of asexuality, just to confuse his predators. Every week he squeezes on his manure trodden boots and rides his fair steed through the fair grounds of Second City. He is in the process of competing for the princesses hand as this is being read. Beyond that he a respectable young lad with a heart of gold and the under parts of a brooding African Rhinoceros. He is happy, healthy, partially sane, and full of disillusionment. You may look him up on the inter-webs at danielstewart.me, his vanity shows no bounds, and look at his world renowned credits such as "Teen" "Gamer Teen" and the glorious portrayal of....."Steve". He is a powerful warlock as well, which allows him to have the magical abilities of juggling, and a bowling average of 182. Until next time my friends. May your journey be bright, wondrous and full of dastardly mysteries. This has been Sam Elliot, signing off. Onward and upwards to a brighter tomorrow, and let the whiskey flow and the naked females dance provocatively into the weary hours of the night, and let us pray for Daniel Stewart to save the world. One terribly written bio at a time.