Los Angeles improviser: Andrew Pari

Andrew Pari

As a licensed Social Worker who provides mental health interventions for the people of Los Angeles, Andrew is adept at diagnosing himself quickly and accurately. A mild narcissist with addictive tendencies, he took to the improv stage and won't give it back. Trained with the Groundlings, April Scott, Westside Eclectic, Bill Johnson and Stan Wells of The Empty Stage, he is a founding member of The Magic Meathands, Improv Club, ON Improv and The Meaningless Acronyms.
He's worked in various film and stage projects and is well-loved by all. Seriously. All. You know how hard that is? When asked for a personal quote, Andrew replied, "Don't touch me! I'm SUPER-important." (He may be taking the Jesus thing too far.)

Currently, the Creative Director of ON Improv, the Antelope Valley’s (that nebulous nowhere area north of Los Angeles for those who don't know) first and only professional improv troupe.